Challenges the Homeless Population Are Facing

Challenges the Homeless Population Are Facing

Ash Bridges

The pandemic has lasted for a year and is still ongoing. Although more people are getting vaccines and many feel comfortable to even take off their masks in public, it seems as if things are still treading downhill. This is mainly due to the large amount of consequences that have emerged because of Covid and the lockdown. Homelessness rates have grown massively and are basically flying off the chart.

Boston, Massachusetts is experiencing this more than most, as people without homes are lined up on streets in tents. As Luisiana Muller, a writer for Boston News, writes, “There are roughly 170 open shelter beds in the city right now.” It is getting to the point where when you walk down a street in Boston, there is a high chance you will see a homeless person.

There were many homeless people before the pandemic, too. In the USA, there were an estimated 580k homeless people in January, 2020. The number of homeless people now, in 2021, is still undetermined but is confirmed to have risen. However, if Boston, a city that is 10x smaller than Jacksonville, is already recognizing that it is becoming a massive problem, then this is going to be a serious issue and a huge consequence of the pandemic.

Many are worried that homeless people will be rushed out of their homes with nowhere to go. As the Associated Press states, “..people who live in tents will be given advanced notice and offered treatment or a shelter bed.” This depicts that everybody will be treated fair, although this worries the Boston citizens. Many believe that the process will take ages if the homeless population are treated so sweetly. Considering there are so many, there is no way of telling how much time this will take.

This brings up the question, will this only help the existing homeless people or will this actually be able to decline future homeless rates? Will these rates skyrocket in other states, as well? Even in Rhode Island, there were thousands of homeless people. As winter comes, many are worried that these populations will deplete but in a terrible way.

Although money is being funded towards the issue, the problem only continues to grow. Many are out of jobs after the pandemic and it may be hard to pay their rent and bills. This issue is gradually building up and becoming worse. Ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do to help?” Humanity needs all the help it can get.