Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Kelcy Conroy

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (I’m gonna shorten it to WATGBS for this article to make it easier) is an indie-RPG game created by Japanese game developer Deep Sea Prisoner. It came out on December 21, 2013, with a manga version that came out on March 21, 2015.

The plot follows Wadanohara, a young sea witch, and her familiars. They return to the sea kingdom where they live after a long journey. Little do they know, the sea kingdom is being attacked by a nefarious empire of bunnies. Wadanohara, with the help of her familiars, has to collect the barrier stones to fix the sea kingdom barrier. After she is successful in collecting them, a banquet is held. The invasion is over, or so they think. One of the demon mercenaries that the bun-buns hired wrecks the whole barrier. Wadanohara then has to stop the bunnies from getting to the castle. After that’s all said and done, the princess of the bun-buns and the princess of the sea kingdom reconcile, the whole issue being nothing either of them did. But, the cause of this whole issue is where the second part comes into play. A much darker enemy is approaching against the sea kingdom, and it’s gonna take a lot more than just slashing a few bunnies to beat them.

To say any more would spoil a lot of the experience. As it is an RPG game, there is also fighting involved. The game is free to download and you can find it at https://vgperson.com/games/wadanohara.htmAnother thing I forgot to mention is, please read the possible triggers on the website before you download and play the game.

In conclusion, I would personally give this game a 8 out of 10. I like story-oriented games such as this game, and it has a bit of an easy-going story and good-designed characters with good development. There are also a few plot holes that could have been explained but overall, I recommend this game.