NFL Season


Brandon Zadziejko

After the NFL draft, the next thing that NFL fans should prepare for is the new football season. The 2021 season will have 17 games for every team, instead of only having 16 as normal. We are still looking for teams to sign or franchise tag, meaning keep them for another year with lower pay, so we can start seeing how teams look on paper against other teams. So far the favorite teams to go all out this season might be the Arizona Cardinals after they just signed the 3x defensive player of the year JJ Watt. Now the Cardinals have an incredible offense and adding JJ Watt, the defense gets upgraded tremendously. I would say that the best team for the NFC will have a record of 13-4 and that team will most likely be either the Cardinals or the Buccaneers. Depending on how the draft goes, some teams might actually get better with the rookies that they acquire in the draft or they can trade their draft picks to receive a current player that they believe will help the team. With that being said, if a team in the AFC division does not receive the number one edge rusher prospect Micah Parsons and someone like Patrick Surtain Jr., then I believe that the Kansas City Chiefs will have the best record not only in the AFC but the entire league with a record of 15-2. The Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns might have great seasons as well because they both made it far into the playoffs and that might build some confidence for the teams as they get a record of 12-5.