Apocalyptic Australian Weather


Annabelle Sirois , Journalist

Apocalyptic Australian Weather

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to physically be in a video game environment or movie set, look at the weather patterns of Australia. From giant hail the size of baseballs to tornados, the brushfire smoke is creating its own weather above Australia. The baseball-sized hail is destroying vehicles. An enormous dust wall, recreating images from the dust bowl. The smoke clouds creating thunderstorms without rain and tornados that suck up the fires creating fire tornados. It is so unreal to see, it is actually as if Australia is in some kind of simulation.

When the hail storm hit, wind gusts were up to about 70 miles per hour! Jen Browning took to her twitter with photos of the dust wall with the caption, “When the bureau forecasts rain and this arrives… AGAIN!” Jen Browning on Twitter Actor Russell Crowe also took to his twitter about the weather. He posted two photos, one 11 weeks prior right after the fires raged through his farm, and the other on Jan 19th after the rain hit that weekend. Russell Crowe Status Some areas had an inch of rainfall within 30 minutes. Because of this rain, Russell’s land started returning to how it was before the fires hit. Russell’s post as well as some other retweets connected to his post showing their land coming back, give hope to Australia that it will come back and flourish sooner than they predict. The forests will take significantly longer but large amounts of land will come back.

As the fires continue to burn and create weather patterns, 2 men climbing a metal staircase in the Blue Mountains were electrocuted as the stairs were struck by lightning. The men were hospitalized in stable condition. The death toll now exceeds 30 from the devastating fires. As the fires continue to intensify, 3 U.S. Firefighters died in a C-130 water tanker plane crash. The crash was described by people nearby as the sound as an exploding car but ten times as loud. This crash is spreading even more sadness from Australia to North America. Alison Myers, a deputy captain with the Numerella Fire Brigade said, “We’re devastated because those Americans, they’re not going home, it might as well have been one of our own.” About 200 firefighters have been dispatched to New South Wales and Victoria. If given the chance, would you be willing to help the people of Australia as well as the animals? By donating to the Australian Red Cross or any Charity accepting money for the cause, you can lend a helping hand. With over 2,500 homes destroyed, all the help these folks can receive is very much appreciated.