Art Education In Schools


Isabella Santoro, Journalist

Art education in schools is very important in this day and age. With all of the technology in the 21st century, it is only more vital for students to take art classes. Art classes help students develop a variety of different skills applicable to life beyond school. Students are able to explore different talents within art. They can express themselves and learn motor, language, and social skills at the same time. Students with anxiety or anger issues may be able to channel those emotions through the expression of art.  The opposition would say that art classes are just not that important since many schools do not require you to take one. Some students and adults believe that art education is not important because it wouldn’t benefit anyone unless they want to be an art teacher or go into the arts. Don’t just take an art class to fulfill a credit, take an art class to explore your creativity. It is a great opportunity to express yourself in many ways. Just because your desired profession may not involve art does not mean that art will not be beneficial to you. A great way to have students be more successful is to offer different kinds of art classes that will interest even the most unartistic person. Offer classes not strictly painting or drawing. Manufacturing can be considered an art because you are making things with your hands such as shelves or a treehouse. The dramatic arts such as acting in a play is considered an art and many people enjoy acting and performing. Even if you don’t want to be act in a play, you could write or direct. Journalism is also an art of itself because many people like to write, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. There is also the musical arts. Playing an instrument or singing is a great way to express yourself as well. Having people realize that art education is not strictly drawing or painting would help students want to join one of these classes and further develop their creativity.