Advice for Juniors!

Advice for Juniors!

Caitlyn Kue and Kaleigh Watts

As a sophomore you will hear multiple times that PSAT’s do not count for anything, however your PSAT score can affect you in a positive way. Having a high score can put you in the running for scholarships, and any score can help you determine which areas you need to focus your studying for the SAT’s. It’s important to take the PSAT’s seriously, as well as your grades since junior year is the year colleges focus on the most during the application process. 

Taking some college trips will become very helpful when it comes to choosing which one you can see yourself at, whether it”s an open house or just a trip with your parents to see what’s going on with the college on a day to day basis. Internships are another great thing you can take part in, which will make it even easier to find your interest and decide what you would like to go to college for. 

Your junior year it is important to consider joining clubs such as class council, student council, or sports teams. It is much easier to be a part of a club or team now that most students are earning their licences. Clubs and teams are a great way to make new friends, learn about different subjects, and find a hobby to keep you happy and healthy. 

If you are considering joining class council, I would strongly recommend signing up. This club is a great way to get involved with your class and school. You can learn so many new skills, as well as take part in fundraisers to earn money for your class. This money will help for planning your own prom, winter ball, and senior trip.

During your junior year and your overall high school career, try to maintain good grades because colleges start to look at them at this time. Keeping consistent grades will help destress not only you but your parents and teachers as you won’t have to worry about falling behind and causing more work for yourself and everyone else.