Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance


EllysaTancrede , Journalist

Hello Ponaganset High School, and more specifically, the senior class! With the end of October around the corner and Early Action deadlines coming to a head, it’s time to ask ourselves if we’ve finished filing our FAFSA reports, signing into and filling out the Common App, and finally writing, reviewing, and submitting our college essays. Although scary in thought,  the college application process is a very quick and easy process with the help of the Common App. By filling out a survey of questions regarding your prior education, accomplishments, family, etc. and submitting letters of recommendations and filling out the FERPA, you’re almost ready to hit review and submit on those college applications! Make sure you’re staying in touch with your guidance counselor and reaching out to your potential school’s admissions counselors to stay ahead of deadlines and meet all necessary requirements of your application.