The World’s Most Underrated Sports: Tennis



Sebastian Campanella, Journalist

When I talk to people about tennis they usually ask me “ is tennis even a sport? “ I usually answer them with a rhetorical question: do you think there would be professional tennis players if it weren’t a sport? People think you just hit the ball back and forth over a net until someone messes up, but there’s more to it, tennis has its own language. There’s going up to the net and volleying, hitting a backhand, an overhead or even the forehand. There are other shots like a drop shot, a lob and even the serve, which is very important because if you can’t get that down then you’re in trouble because you won’t be able to win. 

So I told you all the ways to hit the ball, but there are some basic rules of tennis that need to be learned first.  The first rule that is important is the scoring, which is 0 = Love, 15 = 1, 30 = 2, 40 = 3 and then after 40 it is game, but there’s always more to the rules; when the score is 40 vs. 40 the server at that time would ask the opponent, which side do they want to receive the ball, which is called deuce or the right or an add, which is the left. Their is also deuce which is played by two but it’s not used that much. Another rule is calling the ball out. When you call the ball out you should say out or stick your index finger out. 

However, having played tennis throughout my entire childhood so far, I have learned that tennis is one of the most demanding sports in the world, both physically and mentally. What I mean by physically and mentally is that When playing in long, competitive matches, your inner voice can be your toughest opponent, “I’m too tired. My arms are heavy. My heart feels like it is going to jump out of my chest. I just want this to be over.” this is what I mean by tennis drains your body physically and mentally. Sure, tennis does not involve physical contact like football or hockey, but this does not mean that it does not require any physical strength.  Also, between each point, tennis players only receive about twenty seconds of rest, but in baseball and football, athletes have several minutes of rest after just a few seconds of physical activity. Still, these games do not last nearly as long as most tennis matches. Professional tennis matches last anywhere between two and five hours, with the longest match in history lasting over eleven hours! In conclusion, if you are someone who doubts that tennis is a sport then just remember that it physically and mentally drains your body while playing just like any other sport.