Haunting is a lifestyle!


Colby Santos, Journalist

For the past few weeks I have been working at a haunted house in Seekonk,
Massachusetts called “Fear Town”. All in all it is a very fun job to have, but it is also
physically demanding due to long hours and no breaks. In some areas I need to go from a sitting
position and jump up and smash a heavy box for 5-6 hours straight; it’s a pretty good workout. My first
night was the most painful. I got out about 12:15, lost my voice, I had a pretty deep cut in
my finger, I was covered in dirt, my leg muscles were destroyed, my abdominal muscles were
destroyed, my back was also very sore. It was a rough first day of the haunting season. I am in the “redneck section”, so I am either a crazy redneck with a creepy bunny mask scaring people with loud noises or I am a fun, creepy and nice redneck with a gory face. The gory face was my favorite because I didn’t have to wear a mask. If you don’t wear a mask latex and fake blood, as well as black airbrush is used.
When people walk through and there is a big line of people waiting to go through that is called a conga line. We are trained to scare in the middle of a small group and for big groups the beginning,
middle, and end. The haunting doesn’t begin until about 6:30 – 7:00, but we are there at 5:30 or 4:30 to get our makeup and costumes on. One day we were there from 4:30 to 12:15. The upside to that is
after we close on Friday and Saturday mostly all of the actors go to IHOP to get food
and hang out. I also forgot to mention that my girlfriend works at the same haunted house.
There are different sections with different themes as well, I work in the Redneck section, however, my girlfriend works in the clown section. Some other sections include post apocalyptic, dolls,
studio 6 which is just a studio with a bunch of deformed humans, town center, and the end where
you get chased with chainsaws. On normal nights we are not allowed to touch people, but when
“Extreme Fears” comes around on 11/8/19 and 11/9/19 we are allowed to touch people and mess
with people way more than we usually do. One part there is a Candy Man with a bunch of
lollipops sticking out of his face, he rips out the lollipops from his face and then he gives them to
people. All in all, I really like working at the haunted house. The pay is $12/hr and biweekly, so it is an amazing and fun seasonal job to have so you have extra money in the month
of October. Like we say before we open, FEAR FORWARD!