Balancing Books & Sports


Garrett Bolwell and Jacob Levine

Student athletes should rely on their academics more than sports. The students
that play sports need to balance their participation in sports and their participation in school.
If a student receives a bad grade, they should first make arrangements with their teacher(s) to stay after for either extra help or to retake an assessment. Academics are the most important piece of being an athlete in high school and student athletes need to be accountable. They should let their coaches know that they will be late to practice if they need to stay after for a teacher. Most coaches
will understand because they know that the education portion is more important than the
sports they play. After the session with the teacher is over, the student(s) can then
attend practice.
For freshmen, they are all adjusting to the amount of work handed out, so if they have too much work to play a sport, they still have 3 more years in high school to participate. The remedy for this, is the way student athletes can use their free time, giving athletes the opportunity to improve themselves on and off the field to boost their chances of making the team.
Sophomore year will feature an increased workload, therefore most students have less time to participate in sports. It is difficult to stay organized with both school and sports, but this just means students have to work harder.
Balancing academics and sports is difficult, but NOT impossible. In my personal experience (JL), living forty five minutes away in Coventry. I have to wake up at 5:00 every morning to take the bus at 5:45. When school ends at 2:15 I stay after (approximately 3 days a week) to either play a sport or stay after for a teacher. My father picks me up after finishes work at 5:30 and I don’t get back home until around 6:15. I eat my dinner, do chores, and by 7:00, I am in my room doing my homework, which usually lasts me until 9:30 or 10:00. This is generally considered a late night for a student athlete, and is already past our suggested bedtime. I go to bed and after waking up the next morning, the process repeats itself. This puts me at a disadvantage, but I still find the time to make myself a better student and a better athlete.