Book Review: “Papi: My Story”

Book Review: Papi: My Story

Jacob Levine , Journalist

This book is about the 20-year long career of “Big Papi”, David Ortiz. We all know about him because he is a baseball icon and Hall of Famer. This memoir is not just about his amazing slugger career, it’s also about his life from beginning to present; all the way back to his home of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This is also based on his complicated marriage and how he retired in order to save it. I chose this book, because I love sport biographies. It relates to my life, as it refers to coming from a place of rejection, working hard to get to where you want to be, and it was a great read for the day. I suggest that people read this book because aside from his baseball career, he had an interesting story in making his way to the majors with many obstacles.