Television Review: “The Flash”


Ellysa Tancrede, Journalist

A TV show that I have recently began watching is The Flash. The main character, Barry Allen, has had a rough upbringing; his mother was killed by an unknown entity in a freak accident and his father was falsely convicted for her murder. Barry is now a crime-scene investigator and is determined to prove his father’s innocence and figure out the mystery behind his mother’s death. In a dramatic turn of events one night, Barry is struck by lightning and remains in a coma for nine months. When he finally awakes from his coma he comes to learn that an invention had exploded and caused a freak storm, which struck Barry while he was working on an investigation.  He learns that the combined forces of the explosion and chemicals he had been using in the investigation led him to gain the power of super speed. He now uses his powers for good as he tries to find who else was affected by the explosion and using their powers for evil.