Organization of the Month: 4Ocean


Annabelle Sirois, Journalist

Want to save not only the turtles, but your home? Well with 4Ocean we can put our foot in the right direction of saving the planet, and the turtles. 4Ocean was founded by two surfers, Alex and Andrew.  The organization was born on a plastic covered beach in Bali, Indonesia. Alex and Andrew met in college and planned a surfing trip, but when they arrived, you can guess what they saw, plastic. According to their story, that shoreline, had just been cleaned hours earlier, and that’s what opened their eyes to the ocean plastic crisis, and 4Ocean was born. 4Ocean is non-profit and they do not accept donations. The company is funded by purchases on their website. They a few things but their biggest thing is their bracelets. Each item pulls one pound of trash from the ocean. Not only does all the money from these purchases go to 4Ocean, but 1% goes towards non profit environmental organizations. Check them out at 4Ocean.  1 pound at a time.